A Tale of Sensual Cuckolding

You’ve been waiting for hours, long past your bedtime, for me to come home from my hot nasty cuckolding session with my latest lover… I said not to wait up, but the anticipation of seeing me come through that door, reeking of another man’s scent, is driving you wild.

You are not allowed to touch yourself except in my presence, but it doesn’t matter. Just the thought of how you lovingly bathed me and dressed me for another man earlier this evening is enough to keep your inferior dicklet hard.

Finally,  just as the morning sky lightens and you are starting to doze off, you feel me drop heavily, exhausted on the bed. You immediately get up, and help me take off my dress, heels, bra, and pantyhose, until you get down to my panties. Ah yes those wet, dripping panties, just above my bruised thighs, wet with another man’s cum.

You bend your head down to smell me, and I open my legs, and push your head deeper into my crotch. You inhale deeply, your entire face wet, as I grind against you.

“Mmmm,” I say lazily, “Clean me up, baby. En jouant e la machine a sous Spy Game, vous incarnez un espion qui doit mener e bien 3 objectifs les uns apres les autres..”

Using your teeth, as you have been taught, you reverently pull my sodden panties off my tummy and down my swollen, dripping lips, down my legs, off my feet, leaving a trail of cum all the way down. And then you start at my feet and work your way up, up to that enchanted reservoir of earthly delights, up to that cream pie that has been waiting for your eager tongue.



CFNM Humiliation with Mistress Sylvia

One of my favorite types of phone sex calls is a CFNM humiliation fantasy. CFNM means “clothed female, naked male.”  Here I would have you as my little submissive slave, totally naked, in a group of well-dressed people. As I like to tell my callers, “It’s a party, and you are the party favor.”

The scenario for this fantasy may vary, depending on the caller. There might be just dominant ladies, and we all take turns with your strap-on training. Or some of those “ladies” might just have a little (erm big, rather!) “surprise” in their panties.

Or we might just make you walk around serving us drinks while we play with your dick, keeping it nice and hard… keeping you on the edge of orgasm.

I may decide to make you worship  me, starting at my toes, and working your way up to my wet pussy in front of those other ladies. Once they see how good you are at eating pussy, they will want to take turns with you also.

Or there may be men at this party… I might make you crawl around on the floor, naked, and rub your face into a man’s crotch. Can you feel how hard that cock inside is getting? Be careful exciting him, because you’ll have to finish what you started ;-)

In fact you may get a lot of the guys horny at this party. There will be a great deal of coerced cocksucking and cum-eating, and you might even have to “pull a train” with these men, while all the ladies watch, and masturbate.

Sound like fun? We can tailor your CNFM fantasy however you like when you give me a call :)


What a vacation with my boytoy and husband!

I’ve been on vacation for the past couple of weeks with my husband and a very well-hung boy toy. We drove from Portland OR to Fort Lauderdale FL where my husband grew up, and stayed with some of his family and friends.

As you can well imagine, this was the ultimate humiliation for my husband to introduce me as his wife, and her “friend,” a 25 year old blonde, tanned boy toy. Boytoy was usually given a separate room from Roger (my husband) and me, but it was pretty obvious that he didn’t sleep in that room. He didn’t even put his stuff in there. Instead, Boytoy slept in the bed with me, and Roger slept in a sleeping bag on the floor at our bed.

At all the hotels we stayed at, I asked for a room with one bed, even though I made sure Roger’s credit card was charged for 3 people. I would explain to the customer service rep that my husband preferred to sleep on the floor. I did not explain why a third adult would be using the bed with me.

Cuckolding my husband

Cuckolding my husband

When I packed for both Roger and myself, I only included panties, pantyhose, and stockings for Roger to wear under his guy clothes. There were no big boy pants for Roger, I’m afraid! And once the maid walked in on us while Roger only had on some frilly pink panties, and she saw his tiny peepee and started laughing. Of course Roger got a little stiffy when she did which only made her laugh harder.

And of course there was all the coerced cocksucking and cum eating that went on during our vacation but perhaps I will talk about that in the next post…

Or you can call me and find out the entire story now if you like :)


A Mature MILF for Phone Sex

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A crossdressing sissy fantasy

Last week  on Erotic Humiliation Calls, I asked my crossdressing readers to send me a fantasy or story to post. Here is one such fantasy from sissy Megan S.


My crossdressing fantasy would be going to a party with my lingerie under my male clothes. It would be pink panties, pink bra, garter belt and black stockings. One of the women at the party would notice my panty lines in my slacks and the bra outline in my shirt. She tells some of her male friends who gang up on me when I go to the john.

Three guys burst through the door and wrestle me to the floor. They pull my shoes and slacks off and then my shirt to expose my crossdressing. I am escorted to the living room and paraded around for all the guests some of whom are my friends who knew nothing of my fetish.

A woman shouts, “This sissy slut is dressed to be fucked!” My panties are removed and stuffed in my mouth. My hands are tied behind my back and I am placed face down in chair with my ass in the air. My co-worker Amy, who invited me to the party, lubes up my asshole and the male guests take turns fucking my ass. Amy is holding my butt cheeks open and encouraging the males to fuck my “mangina” hard!

I take 8-10 loads of cum in my ass and then it is the women’s turn who start fucking my ass with strap-ons. For the end I am put on my back and the women ride my cock to multiple orgasms. When I cum I am told to eat it. Needless to say that lingerie set is ruined, but it was definitely worth it :) Coerced cock/dildo/pussy sucking and anal sex to the extreme!

Coerced cock/dildo/pussy sucking and anal sex to the extreme is exactly right, Megan! Thank you for such an exciting fantasy!

I am still taking other submissions if any of you crossdressers would like to send me a fantasy or a real life experience. Just email me on sylvia@enchantrixempire.com and I will try to post it for you.