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  • david

    I have to admit reading this gave me a raging hard on. I am not sure if I would have the guts to do this. I live in a smaller town where there is only one walmart and would very likely run into someone I know. Think I would have to go out of town before I could attempt such a venture.

    • Sylvia

      Haha that’s half the fun, David… at least for me :)
      Of course you could go to another town, and there would still be plenty of humiliation in that.
      I would love to hear you to hear me laughing at you while you walk through a walmart with your raging hard-on and in your high heeled shoes.

  • david

    About 6 years ago a mistress on this sight had me goto a mall to try on some panties and buy. She would have loved if she could have been on the phone at the time. I did call and tell her about my experience afterwards tho. Needless to say it lead to a first for me.

  • Sylvia

    Well there you go David.
    My assignment just uses the same sort of humiliation, only pushing the boundaries a bit further. And yes, I can’t imagine any humiliatrix such as myself not wanting to be in on the fun.

  • Megan S.

    Ms. Sylvia,

    I live in small town also and couldn’t do this at our Walmart, but have went to lingerie stores in big cities. I try on heels,bodystockings,panties, and bras. I have even had a saleswoman give me a bra fitting with breast forms! Maybe I’ll give you a call next time so you can laugh at me or help me shop?

  • Sylvia

    Megan I would love to. I bet you’d be sporting a big old hard on as well as your new lingerie, with me humiliating you. And I’d love to help you shop as well!

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